Calpro offers enzyme based improvers under the name “Taqa” to solve all your major bakery problems whether it be breads, cakes, rusks, muffins or cupcakes. Bakery-Enzymes action is specific in nature and hence result in desirable quality attributes in a shorter span as compared to chemical conservatives.

We offer following improvers under the brand name of Taqa:-

1. Taqa® B50 – Industrial bread improver for breads and rusks. It acts on targeted flour components for attaining visco-elastic dough and results in consistent baked products with a longer shelf life.

2. Taqa® CM- Industrial improver for muffins, bar cakes & cupcakes. It provides free flowing batter properties along with retarding post baking changes such as starch retrogradation, moisture migration, surface sogginess, crumbling and other deteriorative changes.

3. Taqa® CS- Industrial cake improver for cakes & sponges. It gives excellent batter properties and ensures consistent quality products with a longer shelf life, improved texture & mouthfeel.

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