Calpro Foods
About Calpro Food Essentials
Calpro Food Essentials is a New Delhi based company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of premium and specialty bakery ingredients and ingredient-related baking technologies to the Indian industrial, retail and artisan bakeries.

Its parent company, Calpro Foods Pvt Ltd began making preservatives for the baking industry around mid 80s and has now become one of the largest suppliers of specialty ingredients like preservatives, emulsifiers and enzymes to the Indian industrial bakeries. Now, Calpro Foods Pvt Ltd together with its sister company, Calpro Food Essentails Pvt Ltd forms the Calpro Foods Group.

Core Business
Core business for Calpro Food Essentials is imports, production, distribution and marketing of high quality ingredients for the industrial, retail and artisan baking industry. Calpro Foods Group is one of the largest companies in its core business sector.

Product Range
Calpro offers a very wide range of products including bread flours, eggless cake flours, fruit and non-fruit fillings, glazes etc. Besides the products given in our listings, Calpro also does customized solutions for specific needs. For more information see Products.

Industries served
We serve small and large industrial, retail and artisan bakeries, hotels and hospitality industry, caterers, in-store bakeries, airline catering and coffee shops. Infact, anyone into baking, is probably already our customer or is a potential customer for us, owing to our wide range or products.

Although a family owned company, Calpro is managed by professional team consisting of, food technologists, bakers, engineers and business professionals. The management is enthusiastic, flexible and forward looking.

Calpro understands the importance of continuous innovation & improvement. It operates a bakery training & research facility for development of new products, testing and training in New Delhi. Calpro also has a testing lab in facility in Sohna, Haryana.

We have over 25 distributors, in all major cities in India. Further, these distributors have sub-distributors that make our products available in almost any part of the country. This means, that no matter where the customer is, Calpro is never too far away from them !

Calpro conducts short term trainings for chefs for patisserie and bakery. In recent past, we have done training for small bakers in towns like Mumbai, Banglore, Lucknow, Cochin, Gwalior and Ahemdabad. We have also done training for senior bakery chefs of ITC and Taj Hotels. Some of these trainings are done by our inhouse chefs while at other times we invite senior European MasterBakers for trainings.