Calpro Foods
Cake Improvers

This is a new generation all-in-one, powdered cake improver, with superior emulsifiers, and hi-tech baking powders. Sima is recommended for high quality and consistent production, especially in industrial units. This multipurpose cake improver gives higher 'jump', volume, better stability, taste, softness, sponginess & shelf life. Addition of Kaltcreme to Sima, adds superior richness, greater moistness and enhanced eating qualities to all form of cakes. Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

Add Kaltcreme to muffin, pound cake and sponges recipes to make them super rich, moist and aromatic. It makes vanilla or chocolate more tender and adds a rich buttery flavour to them. Kaltcreme can also be used as an instant crème patisserie by simply adding water ! The perfect solution to make vanilla or chocolate crème patisserie or cream based fillings. 25 kilo bags.