Calpro Foods
Bread Improvers

One of the world’s best known bread improver and dough conditioner, VxT-2 is known for giving breads a matchless stability, volume, crust and crumb properties. Very versatile and user friendly. It promises reliable and consistent quality, every time, every day ! 25 kilo bags.


A natural and organic bread darkener. Besides its excellent darkening properties, it also gives a hint of malt flavour to baked foods, thereby enhancing aroma. Eliminates the use of synthetic food colour like caramel, and gives a clean label to dark breads. 25 kilo bags.


A great yet, versatile flour improver for all laminated doughs. Croissantfix stabilizes and strengthens the flour, and ensures enhanced and consistent puffing in laminated dough. It gives a soft flaky structure with an improved volume and better butter flavour. Helps in reducing variations in the final product because of flour quality, and production process and fats used. 15 kilo bags.


A well rounded, versatile and economical bread improver, GS 300 is a good balance between price and performance. Being versatile means it can be used with all yeast raised products, including rolls, buns and rusks. Improves crust & crumb, volume, softness and shelf life. Contains emulsifiers, enzymes and yeast foods. 25 kilo bags.

Artisan Flour
This is a strong flour, enriched with natural enzymes, vital wheat gluten and improvers. It can be used 'as is' in recipes calling for a strong flour/durum flour/winter flour, or can be blended with regular flour to strengthen it. Suitable for up-gradation of flours for noodles/pasta, pizza bases, artisan breads, regular white breads, and laminated dough ! Recommended for European and artisan baking. 25 kilo bags.

Vital Wheat Gluten
This natural wheat protein strengthens flour quality by enhancing dough extensibility and elasticity. Besides increasing water absorption capacity of flour, it stabilises breads, and gives longer shelf life. Vital Wheat Gluten increases chewiness of pizza bases, enhances volume and softness in bread products. Essential for all high volume and premium breads. 25 kilo bag

Rusk 100
A high quality improver developed specifically for rusks, with or without a high sugar content. Designed to keep rusks crispy, and give an enhanced volume and golden brown colour. Rusk 100 gives a crunchier and crispier crumb, and an enhanced malty aroma. Dosage 100-150 gms/ Kg flour. 25 kilo bags.