Calpro Foods
Bread Flours

Dia Baguette 10
A perfect bread flour to make French and Mediterranean breads like baguettes and ciabatta, that have a crispy crust, but a very soft crumb. Diabaguette 10 gives the characteristic real sourdough flavour and an open texture that usually comes from a long fermentation process, without actually having to do it. Breads are light, have a golden brown crispy crust, open structure and a real sourdough flavour. A real time saver, Diabaguette 10 gives consistently high quality breads. Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

An internationally recognized brand, Kraftkorn contains the goodness of nature in form of wheat, soya, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, rye and oats. Kraftkorn gets its exceptional malty flavour and dark colour from the unique combination of malt and rye. Kraftkorn can be used to bake innovative dark multigrain breads like multigrain baguettes and croissants. Kraftkorn is rich in natural fibre, minerals, and anti-oxidants. An all time favorite, it is recommended even in the Good Food Guide ! Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

Mediterranean Mix
A great flour to make light and flavourful Italian and Mediterranean breads like foccacia and ciabatta. The Mediterranean Mix contains exotic and aromatic Italian herbs and seasonings, sourdough and natural improvers. It gives a open structured bread for a perfect foccacia or a panini sandwich. Makes aromatic baguettes, pizza bases, bread rolls etc. To complete the Mediterranean experience, serve with virgin olive oil and vinegar ! Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

This flour contains rye flour, rye meal and a special rye sourdough to give an authentic German rye taste. A versatile and, easy-to-use product for all kinds of light or dark rye breads, rolls and buns. Roggenfix can be used to make innovative and non traditional artisan rye bread products like rye ciabatta or even a rye baguette !! Roggenfix with Caraway seeds makes excellent sandwich bread ! Also use to make segal flour. Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

This is the perfect rye flour for making a Pumpernickel or 'strong' rye breads! Vollkorn contains cracked rye grain, rye whole meal and rye sourdough to bake that authentic ‘old fashioned’ German rye breads. Vollkorn can also be added to any flour to give a distinct rye flavour. This flour is a rye connoisseur's delight, and will surely please any old fashioned German! Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

Fibro-whole wheat
This flour is rich in fibre and protein and contains the natural goodness of whole wheat flour, semolina of wheat, soya and added natural fibre. Fibro delivers a healthy and tasty choice for athletes, diabetics and weight watchers. Can be made as a multigrain or a dark bread by adding Grainex or Neropan. Can be made without fat or sugar. Concentrate, 25 kilo bags


Ciabatta Mix
Ciabatta Mix makes the famous Italian bread, which has a crispy and crunchy crust but very soft crumb inside. This flour makes a traditional Ciabata without a long fermentation process, but with all the characteristics of the traditional recipes ! Ciabatta has a light crumb with large open texture and holes in it. The bread has a nice sourdough flavour, and makes excellent sandwiches ! Concentrates, 25 kilo bags


Weizensour is a pure, dried sourdough flour. It can be added in any dough for imparting a genuine wheat taste, strong yeasty notes and sourdough flavour and its properties. It eliminates the use of long fermentation processes to get the 'freshly baked yeasty' aroma. Weizensour is a speciality product. Concentrate, 25 kilo bags


V i t a
Perhaps the healthiest bread choice, Vita is a revolutionary flour to make truly 100% atta breads without any maida! It is infact the only 100% atta based bread mix available in the market !! Vita gives the effect of a 'brown bread' without any harmful caramel colour, making it wholesome and healthier ! Vita does not contain added fats or sugar! It is enriched with natural proteins, fibre, carbohydrates and minerals. Recommended for weight watchers and diabetics ! Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

The Masala Mix
A Kuch Chatpata Experience... the Masala Mix flour combines the age old Indian craving for "kuch chatpata" with the convenience of bread. Masala Mix breads are aromatic, tangy and spicy - and give them perfect for a quick snack. Toast it with butter, or make mazedar bread pakodas - Taste the Difference ! Your customers are bound to come back for more ! You can also make Masala toasts, rusks, pizza bases and pavs !! Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

Natura is a flour to make European dark multigrain breads. Multigrain breads are healthier, full of vitamins and minerals and contain the goodness of nature in form of sunflower seeds, soya, flax seeds, oats and seasame. They have become very popular amongst all sections of society and will offer variety and healthier options to consumers. Can be used to make breads, rolls, pizza bases and dinner buns. Does not contain any colour !! Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

This is a health bread that brings the goodness of soya. Good for blood, heart and brain, the benefits of soya are well known and well documented. The bread is tender, light and has a delicious taste, without the off-taste which is normally associated with soya. Use it to make the complete Soya range, including breads, rolls, pizza bases, buns….Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

Make Rye breads, the economical way. This flour is made from rye meal, rye flour and other active ingredients that are imported from Germany, and are required to make a good rye bread. The recipe is easy to use, and makes a light rye bread that will be a hit amongst your Indian customers. Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.


Cornful is a unique product that makes corn breads with unique hints of chilli flakes and sunflower seeds. The hint of chilli balances the inherent sweetness of corn, while the sunflower seeds give a ‘bite’ It is sure to be a hit amongst your discerning customers. Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.