Calpro Foods
Eggless Cake Products

Vegan WholeMix - Vanilla
A complete mix that just needs the addition of oil and water ! Vegan WholeMix is a convenient way to make quality eggless cakes, especially when the consistency and ease of operation are important factors. Also use it to make eggless muffins and pound cakes. 25 kilo bag.

Vegan WholeMix - Chocolate
Easy to make eggless chocolate cakes! High quality, all-in premix, gives a premium chocolate taste, with a dark colour, and strong flavour and aroma. Also use it for eggless chocolate muffins and pound cakes. 25 kilo bag.

Vegan CakeConcentrate
An economical option for high quality sponges ! Use this premium concentrate to make eggfree muffins, fruit or pound cakes. Needs addition of flour and sugar, besides oil and water. Concentrate, 25 kilo bag.

Vegan Conc P-Special
This concentrate is a superb value for money, and was developed for high volume prodcution, where costs are under pressure. P Special gives a white soft crumb and that has a long life. It is easy to make and its sponge, muffins and pound cakes are stable and don't crumble. Needs addition of sugar and Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.

Vegan Brownie Mix
This egg free Brownie mix is produced to give a taste of genuine Americana. Can be made as chewy and fudgy or light and spongy. Very tasty, very convenient, and very American ! Make with marshmallows, walnuts, raisins, chocolate chips..or just top with chocolate/butterscotch/caramel pastes. 100% vegetarian. Whole-Mix, 25 kilo bags.

Vegan Donut
A piece of American tradition ! This Donut mix gives 100% eggfree soft, 'melt in mouth', high volume American Yeast Donuts. High in flavour, texture, yield and yet economical. Excellent consistency ! Top/fill with fruit fillings, jams, chocolate or custard.. this is the absolute best way to make donuts in India. Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.