Calpro Foods
Muffins Donuts and Brownies
The following all-time-favourites are a must for coffee shops and retail bakeries ! These hot sellers require usage of egg in the recipe, but similar products with eggless recipes are available in the Vegan Range.
The American Muffin Mix
An all time favourite classical American snack. The American Muffin Mix gives very moist, high volume, flavourful, 'melt in the mouth' kind of muffins and pound cakes. Add value by filling it with fruit fillings, choco chips, raisins, cinnamon or chocolate, butterscotch or caramel pastes. Great taste, structure, yield and good shelf life. Available as Vanilla and Chocolate. Whole-Mix, 25 kilo bags

American Brownie Mix
This Brownie mix is produced to give a taste of genuine Americana. Can be made as chewy & fudgy or light & spongy. Very tasty, very convenient, and very American ! Make with marshmallows, walnuts, raisins, chocolate chips.. or just top with our chocolate, butterscotch, caramel pastes. Whole-Mix, 25 kilo bags


American Donut Concentrate
A piece of American tradition ! The American Donut mix gives soft, 'melt in mouth', high volume kind of yeast raised donuts. High in flavour, texture, yield but yet economical. Excellent consistency ! Top/fill with fruit fillings, jams, chocolate, custard. This is the absolute best way to make donuts in India. Concentrate, 25 kilo bags.