Calpro Foods

India's most popular multigrain, Grainex is the perfect product for mixing in the dough or for use as a topping in multigrain breads. Grainex is sold world over and is often considered the ultimate multigrain ! Contains sunflower seeds, flaxseed, soya, oats grits, semolina of maize and malted rye meal. Can be used for innovative multigrain products like cookies, croissant and even rotis and naans ! Variable dosage, 25 kilo bags.


Sunflower Seeds
When used as a topping on breads, the flavour of oven roasted sunflower seeds is uniquely nutty, aromatic and tempting. Sunflower seeds are full of essential minerals and antioxidants, making them important in a balanced diet. Use as a topping or mix in the dough with other grains ! 25 kilo bags.

Besides giving an appealing look to bread displays, flaxseeds add the vitality of minerals and Omega 3 Fatty Acids to diet. Recommended for their appearance and a nutty flavour profile. An essential ingredient for most multigrain products. 25 kilo bags.


Rolled Oats
Usually an essential part of any good multigrain recipe, Rolled Oats bring lots of health benefit. Rolled oats are excellent source of dietary fibre, anti oxidants and stimulate the immune system. Excellent for topping of breads, or being served with breakfast cereals, they are versatile. 25 kilo bags.


Jumbo Oats
Used in multigrains and muesli, Jumbo Oats is an extremely popular topping in multigrain breads. It is very high in dietary fibre, natural proteins and minerals. Excellent for topping of breads, or being served with breakfast cereals, they are versatile and nutritious. 25 kilo bags.


Farmer's is a mix of cereals and seeds consisting processed seeds and grains. It can be used for the production of multigrain breads during the dough mixing as well as for topping on baked goods made with standard recipes. Use of Farmer gives added health benefits like addition of dietary fibre, anti oxidants, anti aging minerals and essential vitamins. Farmer can also us to make excellent multigrain cookies. 25 kilo bags.