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BakeMark International
BakeMark International ( BMI ) is the world's largest supplier of bakery ingredients, services and technology. The group owns over 55 companies worldwide and has been promoting better baking ingredients and practises through reputed brands like MeisterMarken, BIB-Ulmer Spatz, Carels, Arkaday Craigmiller, Croaxa in Europe and companies like Henry and Henry, Caravan Products, Brill, American Ingredients in United States. Their product range has over 8,000 products including ready to use products like cake and bread premixes, fruit fillings, bread improvers, margarine, non dairy creams, frozen products and savoury products. BMI also has a very large range of industrial products like speciality emulsifiers and enzymes.

Calpro is the Indian distributor for all BMI products in India and stocks bread & cake flours and other bakery ingredients ingredients from BMI.

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Aldia is a Belgium based company excelling in processing of fruits, since 1927. It is one of the largest fruit processors in the world and is known for its quality and innovative products. Its range includes jams, fruit fillings, glazes, fruit pastes' jellies and preserves. Aldia products have been available in India since 2005.

Calpro is the Indian distributor for Aldia's premium range of fruit fillings and glazes in India. Aldia also produces custom products for Calpro, under Calpro's inhouse BakeWell Brand.

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Mevo is a specialist supplier of quality Dutch Chocolates. Based just north of Amsterdam in Holland, Mevo uses patented recipes to bring the best out of Cocoa and its downstream products. Being a speciality producer, Mevo can custom make Chocolates depending on specific needs and requirements !

Mevo-Holland offers a complete range of compound and couverture chocolates suitable for the bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice-cream and catering industry. Their speciality is to develop recipes on customer requirements. Mevo's experience with Europe, Far East, China and Middle East markets guarantees products suitable for the specific market circumstances and preferences, even for difficult and demanding markets like India.

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