Calpro Foods
Calpro Food Essentials strongly believes in serving its customers. Be it creating custom products or training of chefs, be it assisting with Point of Sale displays, or nutritional information, we will usually be able to offer personalised services to our customers.

Calpro offers the following services:
Customized Products
Calpro works with bakers to develop customised products for specific applications. Our access to world wide expertise, our experienced chefs and bakery technologist help in producing the 'right' product for your needs. Some of our popular products like Artisan Flour and Very Pinapple have come out of specific needs from bakers.

Skill Advancement Programs
Calpro offers training facilities for bakery staff. Most of these trainings are short seminars/demonstrations lasting 3-6 hours, but can also be programmed for 2-3 days depending on the content and intensity. Topics can range form cake decorations to healthy baking. Training programs in recent past included a two day Certificate Course on European Baking held in Mumbai and Banglore, conducted by a German MasterBaker.

Marketing Assistace
Various kinds of POS displays like posters, handouts, information sheets, stickers are offered to customers based on the needs. Programs for free sampling, customer education and awareness are undertaken based on mutual understanding of customer needs. Bakery festivals like Healthy Baking, European/German/French baking, and Donut Week can planned with recipes, ingredients and training being provided by Calpro.